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Affiliate marketing is one way in which bloggers utilize their blog to generate revenue. ...
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  How To Develop A Blog Writing Style  

Each one of us has their own style of expressing themselves, which is innate. True, everybody is not a writer or a blogger. But, as social beings, we all need to communicate with others in our daily lives. When expressing, we use our own distinct style, knowingly or unknowingly, or when we are just sitting with friends and chitchat over a cup of tea or when online. But, when we stand to deliver a lecture, we undoubtedly are formal in our approach. Similarly, when we write we tend to be more formal unless we are sending a message through SMS or email. While developing your blog writing style heed the following useful tips:

1. Your target audience: Ask yourself what kind of audience you are targeting? Definitely not those, who relish reading only classics! Basically, you must determine at least which age group are you addressing. If they are neither teen nor youth, but middle-aged or elderly adults, then ask yourself if they come from a particular walk of life. This kind of clarity is crucial before you plunge into writing. There is no doubt that an increasing number of people are taking to writing, to experience a sense of creative joy. For them, it is a kind of catharsis, an outlet to release the intellectual tension built over a period of time. A personal diary is somewhat like that. At the same time, you shouldn't ignore the fact that a personal diary is a private affair. Your blog is not necessarily meant for a particular readership.

2. Your current style: Many people hate to write. How to develop a blog writing style is not their problem and will probably never be one. On the other hand, ironically many of those who enjoy writing mistakenly believe that they write without a style. The plain fact is, you can't write without a style, just as you can't speak without an accent. Of course, your accent reveals to a great extent your social, cultural or geographical background and so does your writing style. So, first of all, identify your style and determine its inherent inadequacies and the desired changes, you call for. It will help you proceed in the right direction towards developing your own blog writing style.

3. Want to imitate or be original: Basically there is nothing wrong with imitating the style of a great writer, who has a wide loyal readership. In any case all great writers, musicians, and artists are believed to have started off imitating someone they always admired. It is better to imitate someone's style and write than not write at all. It is particularly true if you feel inhibited or you are lacking in confidence. But, if you are keen on carving out your own style from the very beginning, then do it without restraint.

4. Let your style evolve: Free yourself from the mindset of developing your particular blog writing style rather than you consciously develop your own style. Let your style gradually evolve even as you carry on with posting your blog. It is something like swimming. No one first learns how to swim before entering into the water. You just enter into a pool of water and keep trying. Gradually the art of swimming comes to you. Similarly, let your writing style develop on its own accord during your writing sessions, without even you becoming aware of it.

5. Write in the contemporary language: The only care you should take is that you don't write in a language that has already died its natural death. Write in the contemporary vibrant language rather than the obsolete and archaic language. Avoid writing in flowery prose. The more intimate you feel with your readers the more expressive and contemporary your style would be. It will have a direct effect on your communications.

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Powerful Blogging

Affiliate marketing is one way in which bloggers utilize their blog to generate revenue. [...]


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