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Affiliate marketing is one way in which bloggers utilize their blog to generate revenue. ...
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  How To Write Killer Blog Titles  

"ER! EXCUSE ME, CAN YOU PLEASE VISIT MY BLOG, PLEASE ?" This is precisely the point that I am trying to make. Even if you have the mother of all content in your blog, it is of no use, until you have the father of all titles on top of your blog. With so many blog maniacs reading, writing or just surfing in the virtual world, your blog title should be attractive or maybe shocking enough to intrigue the reader into pausing his mouse and reading your blog. Instead of pleading for your readers to visit your blog, activate their thinking process with your killer title, just as a microwave aggravates the molecules so that your readers feel compelled to check out your blog.

A blog title can be compared to any newspaper or magazine title except that it is normally shorter in length. Your blog title should be penned according to the topic of your blog. So, depending on your topic, you should also have an idea as to the type of readers, who would be reading your blog. Based on these two factors, your blog title should offer either a solution or should offer something extra or should at least stand out from the millions of other titles floating around out there. In addition to the right title, your blog too should contain matter that not only makes sense but also offers an improved insight into the topic. Blogs are basically perceived as personal views of individuals, but if correctly worded and titled can also change into a movement of gigantic proportions.

While videos or graphics can also be used to attract traffic, it is the emotional tingling, which your reader should feel through the right choice of words that can set your blog apart from the rest. If you are writing blogs on technical topics, then obviously you need to have a practical title, which is fully related to your topic. But, if you are writing blogs based on personal experiences or on fiction or even on any current topic, then you can go or rather you should go flat out when writing your title. Humor always tops my list on writing any title, since a smiling reader will be more inclined in reading further on with the hope of finding more matter to tickle his/her funny bone inside. If your readers are expecting any problem to be solved by reading your blog, then your title should indicate that they have reached the right place to find technical nirvana to their technical problems. Avoid words such as "Best in the world" or "Miracle" since these words have been done to death by many unscrupulous writers and this has made most readers wary of such blogs. Instead, use the words already present in your blog, but twist the sentence in such a way, so as to tickle the brain of the reader. Be creative with your title and honest with your content.      

A killer blog title should open the door for the readers in such a way that they feel the need to go inside and explore the contents. Your readers will be able to read the content of your blog, only if your killer title leads them to read it. Since many web feeds only feature the headlines, a killer blog title is sure to lure readers towards your blog.

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Powerful Blogging

Affiliate marketing is one way in which bloggers utilize their blog to generate revenue. [...]


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