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Traffic Blogging With Donna And David
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  Tips To Make Money Writing Blogs  

Let me begin with first explaining, what is a blog? The blog is a simple journal that needs to be constantly updated with other individuals, who share the same journal. It is usually an online journal hosted by the third party. Some people have even made huge money by writing blogs. It entirely depends on an individual's attitude, whether he/she wants to write or not. It does not necessarily mean that yes you can write or you can't write. Where there is a will there is a way. It is very easy to create a blog. It takes a few minutes to create a blog in Blogspot. Meet the challenge by continuously updating the blogs. You can refer to articles to obtain information. You can check the latest updates in your field and post new information for the readers. In this article, we will check a few tips that would help an individual to earn money by writing blogs.

You need to have a passion for the topic that you are writing in Blogspot to make it interesting and informative. Updating a blog means having in-depth knowledge about the topic. It is essential to do some research and find out if the subject has a market. Otherwise, it would be a waste. Check what is the strength of people, who are interested in the same subject and how would they benefit, if you keep them updated. Here are a few fields that are doing well today, for example, Health and beauty, fitness, affiliate marketing, Insurance, and Finance. Check and research on such fields and you can make money by updating the blogs.

Expertise in a subject comes as secondary, where passion comes first while writing blogs. You may not be an expert on the subject, but if you have a passion you will try to master it someday. Once you master a subject, see how the money will trickle with effort and patience to write blogs. Nothing happens immediately. In the beginning, you will not get a huge amount, but slowly the amount increases.
Google Adsense needs to be placed in blogs. You can make money this way too. Ensure that your ad blends with your blog layout. Irrelevant things are never appreciated. Make professional and attractive advertisements. Do not use irritating bright colors. Always make your content in the first third of the page, as that is the most important space that you can make the maximum out of it.

Advertisement plays an important role. So, make it popular amongst friends and relevant networks. You could take the support of email and attach the link of your blog to it. You need to find creative ways of advertising. You could try advertising your blog link by making it a default signature in forum postings. Ensure that your postings are valuable. Don't end up being a spammer.
You need to work smart and not hard. Hard work pays. But, slow smart work pays faster and is satisfying.

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Traffic Blogging With Donna And David

Coach Sean Mize Teaching What The Tin Claims 65 Minutes Audio Training [...]


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